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Visiting With Convoy of Hope in El Salvador

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Here at MannaRelief, we believe it is impossible to separate our passion from our work. So we were not at all surprised when our videographer, Seth Thorpe, returned from El Salvador with a new love and passion for the children there. 

MannaRelief began a partnership with Convoy of Hope El Salvador in January 2011 with a six month supply of PhytoBlend™ powder for 6,000 children. Partnering with Convoy of Hope has been like an ice cream cone in a child’s hand – an absolutely perfect fit. When the time came to ship the second six month supply, we thought it was about time to go visit the El Salvador team that has helped make this partnership work like clockwork. Seth was only in El Salvador for five days, but the incredible team from Convoy of Hope made sure to pack in as much adventures as possible.
Every day started bright and early at 7:30am. In just five days, Seth visited seven schools and three feeding programs that receive PhytoBlend powder for their kids. At each location, Seth interviewed the Caregivers who administer serving PhytoBlend powder, documented the preparation of the children’s food and the addition of PhytoBlend powder. Seth wasn’t all work and no play, however. He managed to get in loads of playing time with the beautiful El Salvadorian children.
As he jumped around from organization to organization, Seth was continuously surprised by the work Convoy of Hope is accomplishing in El Salvador.

“They have a ground team of four people in El Salvador. The fact that they can organize and facilitate the feeding of 6,000 children effectively, in addition to the other projects they do, is incredibly impressive.”

Another compliment Seth had for the Convoy of Hope team in El Salvador was the obvious relationship the team had with the local community.

“Partnering with Convoy of Hope El Salvador to provide PhytoBlend powder is a recipe for long-term success. It’s an honor to support people that are grateful and understanding of the value of what MannaRelief is providing.”

We want to thank Convoy of Hope for partnering with us. We are excited about continuing our partnership in El Salvador, and we are incredibly thrilled to be extending our collaboration with them to Honduras and The Philippines. This year alone, MannaRelief and Convoy of Hope have provided proper nutrition through PhytoBlend powder for 8,700 children around the world. We are so thankful for our relationship with the Convoy of Hope team and look forward to our future together. And as a reminder to our videographer, Seth Thorpe: No, you may not leave us to live in El Salvador! Who else would create our amazing MannaRelief videos?

PhytoBlend is a trademark of Mannatech, Incorporated. Used with permission.


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